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Details Price Qty
VIP Pass Without T-Shirtshow details + $90.00 (USD)*  
Adult - Weekend Show Floor Passshow details + $20.00 (USD)*  
Adult - Saturday Show Floor Passshow details + $15.00 (USD)*  
Adult - Sunday Show Floor Passshow details + $15.00 (USD)*  
Kids - Weekend Show Floor Passshow details + $10.00 (USD)*  
Kids - Saturday Show Floor Passshow details + $6.00 (USD)*  
Kids - Sunday Show Floor Passshow details + $6.00 (USD)*  
ADD ON: Saturday All Classes Passshow details + $50.00 (USD)*  
ADD ON: Sunday All Classes Passshow details + $50.00 (USD)*  
ADD ON: Saturday Single Class Passshow details + $20.00 (USD)*  
ADD ON: Sunday Single Class Passshow details + $20.00 (USD)*  
ADD ON: Meet N' Greetshow details + $15.00 (USD)*  
ADD ON: Costume Ballshow details + $25.00 (USD)*  
ADD ON: Dark Hour - Behind The Scenes Tourshow details + $38.00 (USD)*  
ADD ON: Face Dimensionsshow details + $75.00 (USD)*  
ADD ON: Life-Sized Mummified Corpse Headshow details + $70.00 (USD)*  
ADD ON: Realistic Lifelike Eyesshow details + $30.00 (USD)*  
ADD ON: Rotting Skulls on a Pikeshow details + $40.00 (USD)*  
ADD ON: Shrunken Headshow details + $60.00 (USD)*  
ADD ON: Stunt Rubber Propshow details + $130.00 (USD)*  
ADD ON: Upcyclingshow details + $50.00 (USD)*  
ADD ON: Woven Patchshow details + $5.00 (USD)*  
ADD ON: Round Logo Stickershow details + $1.00 (USD)*  
ADD ON: Rectangle Logo Stickershow details + $1.00 (USD)*  
ADD ON: 2020 Slim Magnetshow details + $2.00 (USD)*  
ADD ON: Round Logo Magnetshow details + $2.00 (USD)*  
ADD ON: Rectangle Logo Magnetshow details + $2.00 (USD)*  
ADD ON: Slim Shoulder Buddyshow details + $12.00 (USD)*  
ADD ON: Steer Shoulder Buddyshow details + $12.00 (USD)*  
ADD ON: Pumpkin Shoulder Buddyshow details + $12.00 (USD)*  

* price does not include taxes

Please read the Attendee Information page prior to registering.

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