The Texas Haunters Convention™ is a great place to learn some new skills!

Below are the classes and seminars we have lined up for the convention.  Click on a link to find out more information about each one. 

Keep an eye on this page as it will be updated as we add more in the upcoming weeks!

Bloodless Gross Out

You say you don’t like to use blood and guts in your haunt.  Grossing them out is the best way to add shock values to your haunted attraction.  But you don’t want blood and guts.  That’s OK, you can still add grossness to your haunt without blood. 

John Burton has been called one on the goriest decorators in the haunt business.  But it’s not always because of the blood and guts.  John will show you how to gross your patrons out without using blood and guts.  Adding those shock values to your haunt will also increase your entertainment values, which also increases your bottom line.

Creating AtmosFear

Decorating Haunted Attractions

One of the best ways to add much-needed entertainment values to your haunted or horror project is through theme, realism and decorating.  By putting your patrons in real situations and realistically decorated scenes it will add realism that makes the startles seem much more real.

John Burton will bring his 50 years of experience and techniques to this seminar.  Teaching the why, what, and how of realistic dark and demented set decorating.  The presentation will include photo examples of bad and good decorations for attractions.  These photo images are of past John Burton decorations in haunted attractions going back more than thirty years.  This seminar will cover everything from the where, what, and why of haunted attraction decorations.

Creating Your Own LED Lighting

Professional and Home Haunt

This class will guide you through the creation of LED lighting for haunts and costuming.


  • Understanding the colors of LEDs that are available Including where to order them
  • Understanding how to wire them up – It is much easier than you think!
  • You will learn the few tools that you need and how to use them
  • Adding effects to your LED’s
    • Strobes
    • Fades
    • Flickers
    • Switches

Historic Chills

Creating Interactive Experiences in Protected Spaces

Intro into Working with Foam

In this class, you will learn the different types of foam and how to take a project from an idea to a reality.

This is a crash course into foam building to get you started.

Motion from Motors

Bringing Your Creations to Life

This class will guide you through how to bring your creations to life using motors.

The class will have operating props so you can see firsthand how to create these motions for your haunt props.


  • Understanding the operation of the motor.
  • Connections
  • Rotational speeds
  • Understanding how the circular motion of a motor can provide more motions than just things rotating.

Shocking Opportunities

Creating Exclusive Experiences and VIP Programs to Grow Your Your Haunt

Stilt Walking and Theory

Writing for Internet Horror

The profession of writing has taken numerous twists and turns since the invention of the paper and pencil, but the idea of the starving author is going away.  Why is that?  The invention of the internet!  Learn how to break into this medium and write for horror stories such as Creepy Pastas from MrCreepyPasta himself.

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