The Texas Haunters Convention™ would like to welcome our instructors!

Below are the current instructors we have lined up to teach our classes and make-n-takes.  Click on a link to find out more information about each one. 

Keep an eye on this page as we will be adding more instructors in the upcoming weeks!

Wilhelm Deinbeck

Wilhelm has been cosplaying as a xenomorph from Aliens for 5 years.  He is the founder of the East Texas Hive and has been featured on Stan Winston’s School for Creative Characters, as well as the Nerdist and Bloody Disgusting.  Magazine credits include Cosplay Culture and Cosplayzine.

Culley Franks

Culley is a product of the local haunt industry’s welcoming landscape.  He literally walked into an open door at the old Zombie Manor and asked how he could fit in.  He is now the owner and artist of In Search Of Brains Creature Design, a costuming and prop design studio that specializes in scarecrow and zombie masks as well as costumes.  His masks and costumes can be found in haunted houses across the continental US and overseas from Hawaii to the UK.

LaNelle Freeman

LaNelle has thirty plus years of haunting experience.  These include working at Jaycees, home haunting, Dungeon of Doom at the Arlington Art Museum, Dungeon of Doom at Reindeer Manor and assisting with builds at both Twisted Manor and Dark Hour Haunted House. Her various experiences include but are not limited to acting in house/cue line/door, security, fire watch, parking, barker, costuming, actor wrangler, set build/design, scheduling, hiring, volunteer/internship programs, and marketing.  She was a previous Casting Director at Dark Hour Haunted House and handled coupon disbursement.  She is the current Texas Frightmare weekend white shirt/guest table sitter’s lead and co-business owner of Haunted Entities Escapes and Creepy Doll Collectibles.

Scott Freeman

Scott Freeman 30 plus years experience in the haunted house and escape room industry.  He is the co-owner of Haunted Entities and HE Escapes N Stuff.  Scott is experienced in haunted house layout, design, set building, lighting, sound, acting, and actor training.  Past and current haunt experiences include home haunter, Reindeer Manor Halloween Park, Dungeon of Doom Arlington Texas, and Dark Hour Haunted House.

Eric Kristiansen

Eric has been into Halloween since he was a kid.  He created his first haunted house when he was 14 and has worked on a number of charity haunts through college. 

Eric has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and also has a strong mechanical background after years of rebuilding car engines and transmissions as a hobby. 

He has also taught classes on “Lighting your Haunt” and “Adding Motion to your Monster” at Haunt Con and Lone Star Holidays. 

For his home haunt, he has built numerous animated Halloween props and has even had several of his props used in professional haunted houses in the area.

For almost 10 years he has been the organizer of Friends of Halloween a group of over 800 people in the DFW area that enjoy Halloween.

Alex Lohmann

Alex Lohmann is a 20 year veteran of the haunted house industry and devotes his entire life to scary stuff. Together with his wife Jennifer, he runs owns and operates Reindeer Manor Halloween Park, which is celebrating its 46th season this year, as well as When Hinges Creak, a prop company that sells haunted decor pieces to haunted houses, escape rooms, film, and television. The couple also sells a variety of stilts and even large quantities of black paint for haunts. Alex also still performs with his haunt characters from time to time and is directly involved with every aspect of his show; everything from design and construction, actor auditions, actor selection and training, stilt training and coaching, choreography and even still maintains and uses his makeup booth in the makeup room. He teaches on a wide array of topics at many of the industries trade shows and has no intention of leaving the industry he’s devoted his life to.

Jennifer Lohmann

Jennifer is Co-owner, with her husband Alex Lohmann, of both Reindeer Manor Halloween Park, and When Hinges Creak prop company.  Jennifer started doing theatre makeup in high school and when the Lohmanns started a home haunt, she naturally did the FX makeup and it has progressed from there.  Being co-owner of the oldest haunted house in the country, she wears many hats.  From actor and staff hiring, to running the makeup room, room assignments, marketing, sales, customer service, and even costume creations.  She is constantly keeping up with how to make the haunt community operate smoothly.  She, and along with Alex, teach classes all over the country.  Actor training and retention, mold making, silicon and makeup effects are just a few of the training tools Jennifer has a passion for sharing.

Brandon Marshall

Brandon worked for Universal Studios as a performer in the early 90’s.  Since then, he has worked as a set builder and designer in many top rated haunts from Florida to Texas.  These days he concentrates on his elaborate home haunt, building props, and loving the Halloween world!

Kalen McCarthy

DeadNoodle SFX founder and set builder Kalen McCarthy is known for the extremely graphic style of industrial horror he’s been producing for the last half-decade.  He has done everything from attraction design and construction, pneumatics, acting, stilts and sliding, and haunted attraction props and costumes. Kalen found his way into the industry as an actor in 2008, working up to builder, technician, and eventually designer for one of the largest haunted attractions in DFW.


MrCreepyPasta, Horror Storytelling Podcast and Youtuber, is a well-known voice for such famous horror stories such as Jeff the Killer, Tales from the Gas Station, and Borrasca. He started 7 years ago and over that time has become a staple in the YouTube community and in the horror genre with over 1.2 Million Subscribers. Since then he has moved into VA (voice acting). MrCreepyPasta has produced 2 Creepy Pasta Collection Anthologies that have broken the top 50 Horror Anthologies on Amazon and The CreepyPasta Comic Book.

Don Powell

Don, also known as Goth Gloom has been haunting in some form or another with wife Mary and best friend Greg Winslow for over 27 years.  Even before that he was building Halloween displays at his parent’s house while he was still in elementary school.

Over the years Don and his partners in fright have built many props for their own home haunts Goth Gloom Spookhouse, The Haunt, and Helsbreth Manor as well as props for Last Stop Haunt, Twisted Manor, Graystone Manor, and Dark Hour Haunted House.  They have even made couple props for burlesque performers Ruby Joule and Goldie Candela to use in their performances.

It was while working on their Steampunk Lab themed Haunt in 2013 that Don had the idea for the Steampunk Bubble Tube Prop and after posting it on YouTube, it has become one of the most watched videos on their Goth Gloom video channel and eventually led to starting their own prop company in 2018, Goth Gloom Propworks featuring Steampunk Lava Lamps, Mary’s handmade wands, and Miniature Steampunk Airships.

Mary Powell

Mary has been haunting with her spooky partners in fright Don Powell and Greg Winslow for over 25 years. They are best known for their home Haunt, Goth Gloom Spookhouse that has been awarded Best Veteran Home Haunt in 2015 by Dead with Dave Awards and Best Indoor/Walkthrough Haunt Vanguard for 2015 Haunters Video Awards. It was while working on her home haunts that thanks to Stilt Beast Studios, she came up with the scenic paintings and scenes they are known for.  One of her most noted scenic paintings is featured in her video, Gloom Manor Hotel staircase illusion found on their YouTube channel.

Anthony Powers

Anthony started out as a humble home haunter in 2010 where he transformed his yard into themes ranging from cemeteries, haunted carnivals, and freak shows.

He has also worked for many various commercial Dallas haunted houses including Moxley Manor, Twisted Manor, and now is part of the build crew at Reindeer Manor Halloween Park.

Anthony also operates Cyclone Signs, a company that makes custom attractions signs for the entertainment industry.

Alex Snyder

Growing up Alex was always into skateboarding, rollerblading, BMX, and anything else “extreme”.  He was introduced into haunt acting 15 years ago and fell in love with it.  Alex joined Dark Hour when they opened in 2013 acting and performing on stilts as well as performing other stunts.  In 2015 he took on the role of stunt coordinator and has grown into it since.  His colleagues and he maintain a team of about 10-15 actors. They hold bi-monthly training workshops to ensure the actors can perform stunts safely and proficiently in a haunt environment.

Greg Winslow

Greg has been active in home haunting for over 32 years. While in California he met Don and Mary Powell putting on The Haunt in Livermore, CA. After a brief break in the mid-2000’s they grouped up again in Texas, putting on Gothgloom Spookhouse. He helped build memorable props such as the Jacobs ladder, and bubble tube for the steam punk lab, and the hellivator.  Greg has worked in various industries such as, as woodworking, electronics, mechanical, robotics, software development… you get he is a nerd. He has been the electronics wizard for Gothgloom Spookhouse and Propworks.

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